Why Are My Gutters Leaking?

why gutters leakLeaking gutters can be frustrating. If you know some of the causes of leaks before installing your next gutter system you can save yourself some money and frustration by choosing a gutter type that alleviates some of these bigger problems.

Leaks Can Happen When Your Gutters Get Clogged
Even if you clean your gutters regularly unusual leaks can happen. A neighborhood kid can throw a ball into your gutters. A bird’s nest can fall in and clog it even if they’re otherwise clean.

This means that clogs are usually the first thing to check for if your gutters aren’t performing well. Of course, good gutter guards can prevent these problems by keeping large objects out of your gutter.

Leaks Can Happen When Your Gutters are Installed Incorrectly
A number of installation issues can cause severe leaks. Gutters look easier than they are.

For example, improperly installed corners can cause major leaks. This installation problem is common on DIY installs. This is one reason why DIY can actually cost time and money rather than saving it.

Improper slope is another common installation problem. Gutters that slope away from the downspout can cause water to pool in the corners of the spout. Eventually this will cause a leak.

Leaks Can Happen When The Gutters are Loose
Lots of things can cause attachment failures. High hurricane winds, mechanical damage from trees or ladders, or simple warping of the fascia can cause nails to pull loose or fasteners to weaken.

We use a floating hanger installation on our seamless aluminum gutters to prevent leaks from weakened supports caused by metal that expands or contracts in heat or (less commonly in Florida), cold.

Your Gutter Type Could Cause the Problem
Galvanized steel gutters can corrode. Gutters with lots of joints have abundant spots for leaks, including seams, end caps, and overlapping joints where water can dam.

Our seamless aluminum gutters reduce the number of places where a leak may occur by a significant margin. There will still be potential leak points at the corners and downspouts, but not in the length of the gutter itself.

Get Help With Your Gutters
Leaking gutters on their own may not cost very much to repair. However, water damage to your foundation, shingles, sidings, and windows can prove very expensive indeed. Some types of damage can even make your home difficult to live in for a time.

It’s best to get professional help with leaking gutters. That way you can get replacements or repairs that are installed correctly.

We’ve helped many homeowners in Brandon and the rest of the Tampa Bay Area repair or replace gutters the right way so that they can enjoy low-maintenance gutters. If you’d like help with your gutters just call us for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to help!

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