Rain Control Aluminum of Central Florida Inc. is Now Rain Control Gutters

Darren and Gwen Driscoll, Owners of Rain Control GuttersTodd Dudkewic has retired after over 40 years of owning and managing Rain Control Aluminum of Central Florida Inc. He’s sold the business to us, the Driscolls. We’ve always wanted to own a family business, so this is an exciting opportunity for us!

We’re Darren and Gwen Driscoll, and we’re excited to step into Todd’s tradition of providing excellent, ethical rain gutter service to the residents of Central Florida.

Darren worked with Todd for over a decade before taking this step. Darren comes from a management role at a very successful Master Elite Residential Roofing Company (Sharpe Professional Roofing, LLC). Because rain gutters and roofing are so closely intertwined, he and Todd met and began working together while Darren was in this role.

Todd really worked hard to build an amazing, reputable company. His crew and team are excellent, and they have remained with us. We’re committed to providing gutters at the same level of quality, at the same price point, with the same level of customer service that Rain Control customers have become accustomed to receiving.

Our Background
Darren worked in sales, distribution, and logistics management for the newspaper industry for over twenty years before joining Sharpe Professional Roofing. Gwen worked in the legal field for 8 years, and in sales and customer service for over 10. She’s been a local real estate agent since 2012.

More importantly, we both try to stay active in our communities. Darren was an Assistant Varsity Coach and Junior Varsity Head Coach at J.W. Mitchell High School for 10 years. He’s run several summer camps and coached competitive AAU basketball for 10 years. We both find coaching and mentoring to be extremely rewarding activities.

Our Philosophy
Todd always stood out to us because he ran his business ethically without fail. We share the same philosophy of integrity.

Our family mission statement is: “Treat others as you would like to be treated!”

It’s simple, but it works for us, and it’s served us well over the years.

The Future of Rain Control Gutters
First, you may have noticed a name change. The name of the company is now Rain Control Gutters. We decided this would still honor the old name of Rain Control Aluminum of Central Florida (well known as local gutter experts), but would be easier for people to remember and succinctly describes what we do – GUTTERS!

Second, we plan on adding additional crew members in the near future so we can keep up with sales, which are on the rise! We are so grateful for the continued support from our customers in Tampa and Central Florida.

If you have any questions for us, please drop us a line.


  1. Pat Hall says:

    We called Rain Control Gutters and they came out and gave us a lower price then the other companies. We had them install the gutters and they did a great job. The gutters are a good quality. They were professional and courteous. We are very pleased with their work.

  2. Rain Control installed gutters on my villa today and did a tremendous job! Arrived right on time and finished when they said they would. Gutters look great and finished the look of my roof. Great job!

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