Rain Garden Maintenance in Autumn

rain-garden-autumn-maintenanceRain gardens don’t require much maintenance. That’s part of their charm.

But they can benefit from some basic winterizing, even here in Florida where it doesn’t get terribly cold. If nothing else, you want your rain garden ready to handle increased rainfall during the cooler months.

First, you need to do a bit of weeding. If you let your rain garden go to the weeds now you might well find the beneficial native plants that your garden relies on becoming choked and crowded by the unwanted vegetation come spring.

Next, you’ll want to check the plants themselves. If there is any kind of dead growth, you’ll want to cut that growth away to keep your plants healthy and strong.

Next, it’s time to replenish your rain garden’s supply of mulch, both to discourage additional weeds and to keep the roots of your plants healthy and strong. Mulch helps the roots remain at a consistent temperature, which means that they’re going to be more resistant to the weather throughout the colder months.

Finally, take a moment to take stock of your rain garden. How did it do? Did some plants fare better than others this year? You might want to make some adjustments as you plan for next year so that you can create a rain garden that’s even healthier and more beautiful next year!

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