Should You Repair or Replace Your Seamless Aluminum Gutters?

how to clean your guttersSeamless aluminum gutters last a long time—up to 30 years if they’ve been installed correctly. However, even the best products in the world experience some wear and tear eventually.

You don’t have to rush to a replacement if something’s going wrong, however. Here’s what you’ll want to consider before deciding.

Loose Joints

If you’re confident in your DIY skills this is one of the easiest problems to fix on your own. Stay ladder safe, but you can prop them up with a gutter sealant, which you can find at any hardware store.

You will want to wash the area with denatured alcohol first, since dirt and debris can impact the sealant’s ability to work.

Don’t want to get up on a ladder? We’re happy to take care of this repair for you, and it won’t cost you very much.


First, you’ve got to determine the reason for the leak. A ridiculous number of leaks happen simply because the gutter is clogged, which can happen even if you stay on top of gutter cleaning. Remove the clog and go on with your day.

A leak can also happen at your corner seams; the only potential leak sites on any seamless aluminum gutter installation. Again, a silicone-based gutter-sealant will get the job done.

But leaks can also happen if the gutters are loose, or if the initial installation was done incorrectly. We can repair the first, but the second problem will probably require a full-scale gutter replacement.


Minor dents happen, and for the most part you can ignore them.

However, if you’ve got a major dent warping the run of a gutter you could experience overflow problems and leaks. You won’t have to replace the entire gutter system, but you will need to replace the gutters on that side of your house. We’ll come out and custom-create the new gutter run for you.


Aluminum is designed to resist rust, but it’s still metal and its job is to get wet. Eventually 20 years of minor scratches, dents, and weather are going to take their toll. Rust spots become leaky holes all too quickly.

If the gutters are old enough and are rusting you’re looking at a replacement job.

Fortunately, seamless aluminum gutters are affordable, and they’re an investment you won’t have to make again for another 20 to 30 years.

If you live in Clearwater, Spring Hill or anywhere else in the Tampa Metro Area and you’re having gutter problems, we’ll be happy to have a look. We’ll be honest about the course of action that will protect both your home, and your wallet. Call us today.

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