Should You Try a Gutter Cleaning Robot?

gutter cleaning robotThere are robots to clean your floors, why not robots to clean your gutters? Someone did invent one, but unfortunately it’s got a lot of growing to do before we could recommend it to you.

Gutter cleaning robots are made by iRobot, the same company that created the Roomba and the Scooba. It took them a long time to get those robots right too–so there may be hope for the future, but not today.

The robot is called the Looj, and it’s more like a remote controlled car than a robot. Roombas and Scoobas make some decisions: they zig, zag, swerve around obstacles, back up, and call for help if they get themselves stuck.

The Looj doesn’t make any decisions at all. It requires you to stand on a ladder, directing it with a remote control device. Most people who want a gutter cleaning solution want one that keeps them off the ladder as much as possible.

The Looj is also incredibly messy. It throws debris everywhere: on the ground, on you, and on the roof, where it will eventually slide back into the gutters.

Even the demo video below shows the amount of mess that the gutter cleaning robot makes. Note that the demo leaves are dry.

You’re not going to find nice, polite, dry leaves in your gutter. You’re going to find big clumps of wet, nasty, sticky leaves instead in a lot of cases.

Surprisingly, the reviews on Amazon are fairly positive but there are some complaints that are worth noting. Some customers reported that the robot got stuck, or flipped over onto its back.

There were also some complaints about battery life. While it charges for 15 hours some customers encountered battery lives of less than 1 hour.

This meant a lot of moving the ladder along the gutters to rescue the device. In some cases the device took more time than the old “scoop and drop” method did.

If you do decide to try it anyway, make sure you measure your gutters first. The robot won’t even fit inside of a small, tight gutter.

It’s understandable that you’d want to find some way – any way – to clean your gutters less. That’s why we recommend gutter guards to our customers.

For years, we’ve been helping customers in Wesley Chapel, Land O’Lakes, New Port Richey and the rest of the Tampa Bay Area clean their gutters and install gutter guards to make their lives easier. Call us for a free estimate before you order a robot!

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