The Dangers of Pressure Washing a Roof

pressure-washing-a-roofIn a previous post I mentioned that you can use a power washer to get moss out of your gutters. In that post, I mentioned that you should never, under any circumstances use a pressure washer on your roof, even though you can use them on your gutters.

Pressure washing a roof is a very common mistake. However, it will damage your roof faster than just about anything else you can do to it.

The high-pressure treatment damages the shingles. It can create cracks in the material. It’s also not very good for your gutters, since those little granules can wash into your gutters, creating more debris for you to deal with.

What’s more, the damage doesn’t really show up right away. This is probably why so many people keep making this mistake.

The damage can be significant enough to produce major roof leaks, so we’re not talking about a cosmetic problem here!

You may need to consult professional roof cleaners if a brush and a roof cleaning solution doesn’t get rid of the moss on your roof on its own. Professionals have access to stronger solutions than you can purchase or make, and they have several techniques that they can try. You might also want to hire one if you simply want to avoid having to get up on the roof in the first place.

If you’ve been fighting an uphill battle against algae and moss on your roof then algae-resistant shingles might be a great solution to consider.

Because you are right in thinking that the moss and algae have got to go. It’s only a matter of time before this stuff gets right back into your gutters.

It’s just important to handle the problem the right way.

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