What are Galvalume Gutters?

If you’re hoping to find a gutter that can literally last a lifetime then galvalume gutters might appeal to you. These types of gutters can easily last 100 years or more if maintained properly. They’re also less expensive than copper gutters, which is another type of gutter that can last 100 years.

Despite their longevity, it’s rare to see galvalume gutters on homes in our service area. In fact, in the 40+ years we’ve been in business we’ve never been asked to put galvalume gutters on a home.

They aren’t as aesthetically appealing as copper or even seamless aluminum gutters that come in a variety of colors. Mostly you’re going to see them on commercial buildings because they have a heavy, “industrial” look. You might not care about that. In fact you might like the industrial look.

The problem is, you’ll likely end up moving before these gutters need to be replaced and potential buyers may not like that “bold” industrial look. The last thing you want holding up the sale of your home is your gutters!

What are galvalume gutters?
Galvalume gutters are steel gutters coated with a blend of aluminum and zinc. The coating helps to keep the galvalume rust-free over most of the surface of the gutter.

Over time you may still see a slight bit of rust at the edges of the gutter, but only until that rust hits the coating.

You may also see some scratches, as the coating is pretty thin. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide excellent protection, though: it moves with the metal which means it’s not going to chip when the metal expands or contracts in response to temperature changes.

They can be painted, but this tends to emphasize, rather than de-emphasize, the “industrial” look.

How much does galvalume cost?
Galvalume gutters costs twice as much as seamless aluminum gutters. You can have seamless aluminum gutters installed on your home for anywhere from $6 to $15 a foot depending on what gutter contractor you hire (we are on the low end of that range, by the way). Galvalume gutters cost anywhere from $12 to $30 a foot installed.

Why are galvalume gutters so expensive?
First, the material itself costs more than other materials. Galvalume is more expensive than aluminum.

Second, the installation takes longer. It’s tricky to get galvalume gutters properly bonded and sealed.

The cost and the aesthetics are both reasons why we’ve seen homeowners opt for aluminum gutters every single time, even if they call us about galvalume gutters first.

Galvalume gutters are best reserved for commercial and industrial applications but if you want them for your home we’re happy to discuss the option with you. Call us for a free estimate today and we’ll be happy to help!

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