Why You Should Invest in Flo-Free Leaf Guards Before Selling Your Home

When you’re gearing up to sell your home you usually don’t want to put too much money into it. After all, you won’t be around to enjoy it.

But putting money into things that can make your home sell for a lot more is a smart investment. And while most people think about kitchens and bathrooms first, gutter guards are a right choice if you position them correctly (and if you buy the right ones).

How Gutter Guards Can Help You Sell

Think about it. What’s the number one commodity most people are hurting for? What’s the number one thing that brings people happiness?


It’s why if you give two people $100, the one who spends it on a housekeeper will be the happiest. Because then they have an hour or four to relax, or knock out other errands and pressing problems.

Leaf guards give the same gift to your buyer. You can point to those gutter guards, or have your realtor point to them, and say: “Because I installed these, you will never have to get up on a ladder to clean your gutters.”

Don’t you think that would be a strong selling point? 

A Second Strong Selling Point

HGTV says that gutter replacement is a maximum-value home improvement project. Leaf guards in the same brand new seamless aluminum gutters can only maximize that value. 

You have basically shown the homeowner that you’ve taken steps to prevent the water damage that so many homes suffer as a result of our Tampa metro area torrential rains. It’s a sign the rest of the house has been well-cared for, too.

Why Flo-Free Leaf Guards

The reason why you want to invest in these leaf guards is simple. They are the only ones who actually do the job.

The most common type of leaf guard is a metal mesh guard that keeps large debris out. What’s left behind is just as bad: pine needles and other smaller plant debris that eventually builds up and clogs your gutters.

The only way to clean them at that point would be to uninstall the leaf guard. And the same is true for “helmet” style guards.

Flo-Free guards are made of industrial strength nylon which curves tightly over the gutters. They keep all debris out, but because they are made of a tough porous material, allow all the water to flow through and out. In other words, they both relieve you of the task of cleaning your gutters while allowing the gutters to do their job.

They also have a lifetime warranty (which buyers will love) and are invisible from the ground (which means you might have to show them our web page to help them understand what you’ve done).

In short, they’re fantastic investments for any homeowner, and thus make for a feature a new buyer will be thrilled to have.



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