Summer Gutter Maintenance

Summer-Gutter-MaintenanceSummer isn’t here yet, but it is on the way. Here in Tampa, FL that means gutters all over town are likely to start taking a pretty big beating.

After all, torrential rains and 100+ degree temperatures do take their toll. So as the warmer months arrive it is more important than ever to ensure that your gutters are in tip top shape.

Start with a visual inspection.

Take a walk around your house and look for loose hanging fixtures. You should also look for clogs or leaks of any kind.

Obviously this visual inspection will only be truly effective after your gutters have been thoroughly cleaned.

Remember, if your gutter system isn’t working properly then it could lead to thousands of dollars of damage.

Assess Property Drainage Too

Remember, gutters are part of a total water management system. So the warmer months are a good time to assess drainage on your entire property.

It might be time to regrade your landscape, or to extend your downspout drainage system in order to make absolutely certain that no water is collecting near your foundations.

What do you do if you find problems?

Obviously it’s important to get these problems addressed right away.

Now, you could just try to repair the damage. But it might be a good idea to go ahead and upgrade your gutters now, so that you face fewer problems in the future.

For example, if you have cheap vinyl gutters right now you are inviting trouble. Vinyl is prone to some serious leaks.

By contrast, having us come out and install some seamless aluminium rain gutters in your home means having a long-lasting, durable set of gutters that are virtually leak free.

And if you’re tired of watching your gutters get clogged it might be time to think about reliable gutter guards, too.

We know you’d rather be thinking of swimming, BBQs and camp-outs. But handling these issues now will ensure that you do not lose all your “fun money” to costly repairs in the future.

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